~~ Sweet Sixteen ~~

When Lisa was sixteen, I took her, her brother, and some friends to the Petite Auberge Restaurant. It was the most glamorous restaurant she had ever been to and she was thrilled. The waiters made it all the more memorable for her by joining in our celebration. I hoped she would know just how special she was. Now sometimes on her birthday I go alone to the Petite Auberge. I sit at the same table and remember....

The same year, she was in a school play where she was cast in the leading role. Her character was a middle-aged mother during the 1940's era. We went to Little Five Points in Atlanta and purchased a lovely silk vintage 40's dress, complete with hat, shoes, and gloves. Onstage everyone said she looked like a young Elizabeth Taylor. And, her costume was perfect. At the play's end, she alone was to stand at the front of a semi-darkened stage and sing "Amazing Grace." She was not a singer, and was pretty anxious about singing this difficult song without music.

When it was time for her to sing, she bravely stepped forward while the other cast members exited the stage. The frightened little girl who had been afraid to sing disappeared, and a poised performer stood in her place. With skill and poise, Lisa confidently sang "Amazing Grace." I will forever remember my little girl standing there on that stage. My heart was so filled with pride. It was later the same year that she accepted the Lord and began her walk with Him. Forever, my heart will be filled with the "Amazing Grace" of my daughter.

Pam, Lisa, and waiter at Petite Auberge.

Lisa and Mom ~ Happy 16th Birthday!

Lisa's wide-eyed reaction to birthday gifts.

Mom and brother, David, at Lisa's birthday dinner.

~~ My Baby Girl ~~

My Precious Baby Lamb.

Pretty little ballerina.

Happy Clown ~ Lisa loved her dancing lessons.

Mama's Little Helper.

Much laughter here 'cause Spicer, our dog,
got excited and wet all over everything!

You'll always be my Baby!

A sweet ray of Sunshine.

If only God would allow me to go back to these days
and "do it over." But, by His Amazing Grace,
I won't need to do it over in Heaven.

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